Terms and conditions

1.1 These general conditions apply to all offers from, orders with and agreements with (in the further part of this document referred to as agreements) ‘Lighthouse Trading bv’ as well as its website lighthouse-trading.nl. Lighthouse Trading is a trademark belonging to Lighthouse Trading, registered with the Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce under number 24294800.

1.2 By placing an order, you, also referred to in this document as buyer or client, thereby fully agree to comply with our supply and payment conditions. Lighthouse Trading bv, hereafter to be called in this document ‘Lighthouse’, is fully entitled to change and alter supply and payment conditions any time without prior notice, by which they will apply to any next and renewed supply to you.
1.3 Deviation from any term in these General conditions is only allowed and possible if strictly agreed to in a written document between involved parties. Should the latter be the case, all general conditions not described in such a exception-agreement remain fully valid as written in this document.
1.4 Lighthouse is a wholesale company and thereby will only supply goods to companies which have the sole purpose to resell to consumers or third parties.

1.5 Advertising and sales of any items bought via Lighthouse on auction sites such as Ebay, Amazon and Marktplaats as well as their affiliates, is strictly prohibited. As soon as we receive reports that a buyer violates against this article, Lighthouse is entitled to stop any and all supplies to the offender. Third party claims will be passed on to the offender immediately.
2.1 Supply will only take place as long as we hold physical stock.

2.2 When we cannot supply within 7 workdays, client will be informed by email when the delivery is to be expected. However the client is then entitled to cancel and formally end the agreement with Lighthouse, in writing (fax, letter or email)

2.3 All time terms published and named on this website are an indication and never to be taken literally. No rights can be derived from any time terms on this website therefore.

2.4 In case of cancellation, any prepayment will be reimbursed via client’s bank account as soon as possible, but in any case within a maximum of 14 workdays after the dissolution of an agreement (as described in article 2.2)

2.5 From the instance of receipt of ordered goods from Lighthouse, clients are complied to reporting any irregularities in writing (email, letter or fax) within 72 hours to Lighthouse.

2.6 Return of goods is only allowed after compliance with Lighthouse beforehand.

2.7 Received payments for returned goods, will be returned within 10 workdays after receipt of returns, to the bank account of the client. Lighthouse is entitled to withdraw the shipping cost for initial shipping of returned goods, from reimbursements to clients. Client will therefore receive the initial payment minus shipping cost.

2.8 If Lighthouse has any indication that items are shopworn, opened, used, damaged or not (fully) functioning beyond the responsibility of Lighthouse and its supplier, Lighthouse reserves the right to refuse returned goods and/or partially accept and/or not or partially reimburse client for returned good.

2.9 If damage to a returned article is caused, to Lighthouse’ judgment, by actions or inactions of the client or in any other way is full or partial the risk or responsibility of the client, Lighthouse will inform client in writing (fax, mail, email). Lighthouse is entitled to reduce reimbursements for irregularities to returned items, for the value reduction which is caused by or falls under the risk of the client. Valuation of a value reduction can be established by Lighthouse without further correspondence with client.

3.1 Prices on the website are in EURO and excluding 21% VAT (value added tax). Following handling & shipping fees are charged for all orders shipped to addresses within: Netherlands EUR 12,50 per supply; Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany: EUR 25,00 per supply; Rest of Europe and World: Charge at cost (based on calculation after packing).
Within the Netherlands, for COD shipments (cash on delivery) a fee of EUR 7.50 per supply will be charged.

3.2 Prices within the term of a special written offer, will not be increased, unless legal measures or an unexpected interim price increase from the manufacturer urge Lighthouse to do so.
3.3 All prices on our website and made in writing to clients are valid providing errors and misprints. Lighthouse is not liable and does not except any responsibility for consequences from errors and misprints on its website or in it’s written offers.
4.1 Details of any client, prospect or ordering, will be recorded in the Lighthouse customer base. Lighthouse will not supply any of these details to third parties, apart from address details to shippers.

4.2 Lighthouse respects the privacy of its website users and will take good care that details are treated confidentially.

4.3 Lighthouse uses a mailing list. Each Lighthouse mailing contains instructions by which clients can have themselves removed from this list.

4.4. Details submitted by the client will be recorded in a file. These details will only be used for the execution of client orders. These details will never be provided to any third party.

5.1 Lighthouse takes responsibility that all supplied goods are compliant with the provided specifications in the written offer, on the website or elsewhere. Thereby Lighthouse also commits to the applicable manufacturer warranty on all supplied items.

5.2 The Lighthouse warranty term complies with the manufacturer warranty term. Any warranty is void as soon as irregularities to items are due to 1. carelessness , or 2. deliberate damage, or 3. inattention.

5.3 Claim to warranty fully expires if other parties than by the manufacturer appointed or allowed have performed repair or other work to the item under discussion.

6.1. All quotes remain free from claims at all times, unless written otherwise in the conditions of the quotation.

6.2 After acceptance of a Lighthouse’ quote by the client, Lighthouse reserves the right to withdraw the quote within 3 workdays after receipt of the acceptance or deviate from it.
6.3 Oral commitments will only oblige Lighthouse after they have been explicitly confirmed in writing.

7.1. An agreement between Lighthouse and a client is achieved, only after an order or command has been reviewed by Lighthouse on feasibility and confirmed in writing to the client.

7.2 Lighthouse reserves the right to decline orders without providing reasons or accept orders exclusively under the condition of prepayment.

Images and specifications
8.1 All images; photographs, pictures etc. and (technical) specifications; like details concerning weights, sizes, colors etc. provided on the Lighthouse website are strictly to be taken approximately and as an indication of reality and can never rise to compensation or lead to termination of the agreement.

Force Majeure
9.1. Lighthouse is not liable or responsible in any way, if an agreement cannot be fulfilled due to force majeure.

9.2. Cases of force majeure are to be considered all causes from outside, as well as all circumstances, which in all reason cannot be accounted to risk or responsibility of Lighthouse. Default of or delays caused by our suppliers, traffic difficulties, labor strikes, government measures, delay in supply, negligence by suppliers of and/or Lighthouse’ manufacturers as well as assistance people, staff illness, defects in resources, tools and transportation resources count explicitly as cases of force majeure.

9.3. Lighthouse reserves the right, in case of force majeure, to suspend all obligations arising from an agreement as well as to fully or partially dissolve an agreement, or to claim alteration of an agreement in such a way that execution remains feasible. By no means Lighthouse is to be held accountable to pay any penalty or damages.

10.1 Lighthouse is in no way liable for any misunderstandings, damages, delays or unclear/incomplete understanding of orders, offers and communication due to the use of computers, internet, electronic devices or any other means of communication between client and Lighthouse, be it between Lighthouse and third parties whereas it involves relationship and/or agreement between client and Lighthouse.

11.1 Supplied Lighthouse goods remain full property of Lighthouse until buyer has fulfilled all obligations resulting and arising from the applicable buying agreement(s).

11.2 By Lighthouse supplied goods, falling under the retention right as described in article 11.1, can only be sold to as part of the regular business and never can be used as a means of payment.

11.3 Buyer is not allowed to pledge or encumber items in any way, should they fall under the retention right as described in article 11.1.

11.4 Buyer allows Lighthouse and/or by Lighthouse appointed third parties already now unconditionally and irrevocably, in any case where Lighthouse wants to exercise it’s property rights, to excess all places where Lighthouse property is located as well as to repossess this property.

11.5 Should third parties enforce or establish rights on items, or seize items with buyer, which fall under Lighthouse’ retention right, buyer is obliged to notify Lighthouse immediately or as soon as reasonably may be expected.

11.6 Buyer is obliged to ensure and protect all items falling under the retention right, against theft an damage caused by fire, explosions or water. Applicable ensurance policies must be given available for inspection to Lighthouse at first demand.

12.1. All complaints in connection with supply, quality and capacity of items or any other complaint, will be handled with care by Lighthouse.

12.2. Buyer needs to notify Lighthouse in writing of any complaint, via contact button on www.lighthouse-trading.nl or via fax, mail or e-mail (info@lighthouse-trading.nl).

12.3. Lighthouse will do the utmost to sort and solve any complaint within ten (10) workdays. Lighthouse will notify buyer in writing (via fax, letter or e-mail).

Intellectual en industrial ownership
13.1 Buyer will and must completely and unconditionally respect all intellectual and industrial property rights associated with all –by Lighthouse- supplied business.
13.2 Lighthouse does not guarantee to buyer that supplied goods do not infringe any or some third party intellectual and/or industrial property right, and thereby does not accept any liability should a third party claim infringement of any right by a by Lighthouse supplied good.
14.1 As soon as a client submits a delivery address in writing to Lighthouse, Lighthouse is entitled to send all orders to this address until the client has supplied a new different address.
14.2. Lighthouse is authorized to use third parties to supply orders to its clients.

Applicable law and disputes procedures
15.1. To all offers from, orders and agreements with Lighthouse Dutch Law is applicable.

15.2 Any dispute, resulting from an agreement between Lighthouse and client, which cannot be resolved mutually, will be submitted to the competent court within the Rotterdam arrondissement, unless Lighthouse prefers to do otherwise.