Policy for delivery, shipping & returns

Minimum order
To confirm an order via this website, a minimum net-value of ordered goods of EUR 175,00 (excl. VAT) is required. We can only be held to invoicing and shipping goods with a total net-value of EUR 150,00 (excl. VAT)
Should you require smaller quantities and/or smaller quantities per ordered item, we recommend you to visit our locations in Uithoorn ( and Venlo ( Please note: In these locations also minimum total quantities are required, please check the conditions on their website. If you order in de LH Fashion department, the minimum order amount has to be EUR 125,00.

Backorders are not kept track of by Lighthouse. As soon as items are not available, they are not invoiced and –if expected back on stock - returned into your shopping basket, for you to consider on a next visit to our website.

Shipping & Handling
We charge a standard shipping & handling fee of EUR 12,50 per shipment for all orders shipped to any address within the Netherlands.
For all shipments to Belgium & Germany we charge a standard shipping & handling fee of EUR 25,00 per shipment.
Shipment to all other countries are charged at cost. (after your order is packed, the number of cartons and the tariff of our carriage company will ‘decide’ the total charge)
Process policy
After you send us your order, you receive an automatic confirmation by email, quoting your entire order including image and price. This confirmation is not an invoice. (Note: please do not make any payments to us in this stage of the process)
We start packing your order within 24 working hours after you confirm it to us.
We strive to pack all new orders within 48 working hours and confirm it via an PDF-invoice per email to you*.
* Should a part of your order be expected on a short term, we will notify you that delivery time will be extended, and the packing and invoicing will therefore be postponed.
Your order will be shipped within 24 working hours after your payment has been received on our IBAN/BIC bank account :

IBAN number: NL88INGB0009187925
IBAN Name of beneficiary: Lighthouse Trading bv (te Rotterdam, Nederland)

Time of delivery
Any time of delivery depends for a large on the courier/shipping company, the service chosen and the country we ship to.

The average delivery time of invoiced and paid goods lies within 5 working days, starting at the day we receive your payment. Lighthouse cannot be held responsible for any delays and mistakes of shipping companies and couriers that are used.
Should the expected shipping date (and therefore delivery time) of a total (yet-unpaid) order, take longer than 7 days, Lighthouse will always inform you and quote an expected date of availability. Should the latter present a problem to you, you can immediately either postpone or cancel the -undeliverable part- of your order.
Any payments on complete or partially undeliverable orders, wil be -in case of a dissolution- reimbursed to you as soon as possible and within a maximum of 7 work days after your confirmation.

Returns, defects & shortages
Your delivery is packed and checked with great care and attention. In the unexpected case that you still note any imperfections, we kindly urge you to report defects and shortages per email to Lighthouse within 72 hours after receipt. In case of visible defects, please include relevant digital images. Return shipments can only be accepted and processed after prior consultation with and agreement by Lighthouse.
Please note, we unfortunately cannot exercise a great deal of leniency outside the 72 hour-period. It is therefore essential that you also check items in a closed piece packaging for imperfections.
The responsibility for reports from end users (your customer) who notify you that a product is not in perfect shape, lies always entirely with you as retailer.